Rylee Flojos BlackTan Rylee Flojos Starting Invigilation
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Fresh Catch Fresh D'Lites D'Lites Catch SKECHERS BlackNavy Catch D'Lites BlackNavy BlackNavy Fresh SKECHERS SKECHERS Apx6wq4Z0
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Rylee Flojos Rylee Flojos BlackTan

Getting around

Click the left and right arrows to go forwards or backwards through the content one page at a time.

Click this icon to open the navigation bar (if it isn’t open already). This includes a list of chapters, which you can use to find the page you want.

Click Exit in the navigation bar to close the preview and return to the website.

Progress bars

In the navigation bar, hover over a chapter title to see your scores for that chapter:

  • Progress: How much of the chapter you have read
  • Test: Your most recent score on the end-of-chapter test, if there is one.


You can add notes to each page as you go along using the icon at the top of the navigation bar.
The note will appear as an icon at the top right of the page. Click to edit.

Pages with notes added to them are marked with an icon in the navigation bar so that you can find them quickly.

BlackTan Rylee Flojos Rylee Flojos Pagemarks

Pagemarks are available to help you categorise your pages.

You can add pagemarks by selecting this icon at the top of the navigation bar. To remove a pagemark, click the icon where it appears on the page.

The pagemarks available are:

I know this
Needs more work
Ignore this!
Ready for the test
Ask for help!

Pagemarks appear at the top right of the page that they have been added to, and next to the page title in the navigation bar.


Your resources contain lots of practice quizzes and tests to help you learn and improve.

Show hint: Tap this button for help with the question or to see extra information you may need.
Mark: Tap this button to check your answer.
Once you have answered the question, tap next.
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